the journey so far

While some of you know the background, it’s never been written down and so here it is… the start of Adoption began with Foster Care…Almost one year ago Matt and I started exploring the idea of adoption… searching online, doing over the phone interviews with domestic adoption agencies and considering the avenues of opening our home… We’ve always talked about adoption and knew that we wanted both biological and adoptive children… the phone below is a great visual for how we envisioned the tiny hands of our family looking!

After realizing that private adoption- both domestic & international- was going to cost us a lot of money, we changed our focus and found Santa Clara County Fost/Adopt and began a 9 week class on Tuesday nights called PRIDE. During this class we were introduced to the basics of the “process” and it was made very clear that if we simply wanted to adopt, this was not the place to be! Matt and I had to really examine our hearts and let God lead us to a place where we realized that Foster Care matched the heart of God in the same way that adoption does… with Foster Care, the needs of that child are put before your own and you really must be ready to care and love for as long or as short of a time a child is placed with you. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from others who can’t fathom how we could do this… but our heart is simple- we seek to offer our lives and home to a child in need and pray that the moments they spend with us will impact them for a lifetime… we also seek to teach our daughter that life is about giving to those in need and caring for others, even if it means experiencing some heartache.

So we finished with our 9 weeks of class… then we were finger printed, background checked, CPR/First Aid certified, turned our guest room into a baby room, had our home inspected for safety, asked our moms (our child care providers) to also submit themselves for background checks & finger prints, were interviewed by our Foster Care Social Worker and our Adoption Social Worker and had an Adoption Home Study completed.

Finally we were ready to be Foster Parents.

During our final meeting with our Adoption Social Worker she mentioned she had some kids in mind… in mind for Adoption? I was immediately thrown off. We were ready for Foster Care, we’d prepped ourselves emotionally for the short term placements that we were already seeing other PRIDE Classmates having… you get a call, pick up a baby, keep him/her for a few days and then they return to their mom… But no, we’re talking about ADOPTION… and wait she said kids… KIDS… twins… TWINS…boys… ADOPT TWIN BOYS…

We had to have a laugh and a for sure moment where we know God was saying “if you let me run with your life I promise to care for you and take you on a wild adventure”… We are so unsure about many details at the present time but we are SO SURE about the fact that our Father God has a plan for our family and for these beautiful twin boys and while our lives will be radically changed, we’re beginning an amazing adventure that demands reliance on HIM ALONE, not on our own understanding or strength.

The bridge in the following song resonate with us perfectly “Here we stand our hearts are yous, not our will but yours be done”

wake up- all sons and daughters

UP NEXT: The Visits Begin