Another Social Worker?

I received an email yesterday… from ANOTHER Social Worker involved in the case of the twins… this particular social worker is part of the boy’s Attorney’s team… she’s an advocate in the legal setting. This email, got me to thinking… I definitely went into the right profession… if I ever needed a change of pace from the world of medicine, there are plenty of opportunities in the world of child welfare for social workers!  I thought this would be a good opportunity to tell you a bit more about this process by telling you about all the social workers we’ve encountered during this process 🙂

Pre-Licensing Social Worker: Sonya

Sonya helped us to get all of our requirements complete before we submitted our applications to become Fost/Adoptive Parents. We met with her 2-3 times before we were assigned our Licensing worker and home study worker.

Foster Care Licensing Social Worker: Ruben

Ruben came and did a safety check of our home and completed a brief interview with us. We had to get locks for poisons, put our knives up high and keep all medicines away.

Adoption Home Study Social Worker: Christine

Christine interviewed us 4 times- once together in her office, one alone with me, once alone with Matt, and once in our home altogether. She then wrote up our home study and also presenting the boys to us to consider for adoption. Christine continues to be a support to us and is attending our meetings with the larger team as we go through the process of adoption.

Twins Social Worker: Joseph

Joseph is the boy’s advocate. He usually supervises their visits with their birth mom and is interested in making a recommendation to the court about what is in the best interest of the boys. Joseph has to know everything that is going on with the boys and his records are now kept in VOLUMES, I believe he’s starting Volume 3!!

Boy’s Attorney’s Social Worker: Tiffany

Tiffany is part of the legal team that represents the boys and meets with the boys to assess them. I just had my first email contact with Tiffany yesterday and in all honesty, I’m not sure how her role differs from Josephs but I”m interested to learn  more 🙂

Not social workers but part of our support team: 

Adoption Advocate: Jayne

Resource Specialist: Damali

Foster Parent Advocate: Lisa

A few photos... we’ve mostly been playing in our house… slowly letting them show us the things that need to change in order for the adult watching everyone to feel slightly relaxed and not like they  have to constantly be making sure the boys aren’t getting into something… we braved one adventure to the park but it didn’t last long because the boys wanted to run back to the swing when we got them out so someone else could have a turn… they don’t quite understand the whole “You’ll get kicked in the head if you do that” concept. I’m not interested in doing an incident report before they are even our foster children officially 🙂