Foster Care, what’s stopping you?


did you know that when a child is placed into the care of children’s services they have 23 hours 59 minutes to get that child placed with a foster family. I was reminded of this fact last night when I got an accidental call to see if we could take in a sibling set because their mom had just passed away. While I knew we couldn’t help due to our own committment to two little loves, it got me wondering… what don’t more people open their homes as foster parents?

while I’ve just posed that as a rhetorical question… I’m really seeking feedback… I’d love to use that feedback somehow, to better educate my friends and to more realistically encourage/push people out of their comfort zone and into the service of others… to the children of your community!

I know we all have different gifts and different callings but this question is really for those of you who know deep down that you could be pushed a bit out of your comfort zone… to use your life, your family’s life, to care for children who must be removed from the unhealthy situations that the adults in their life expose them to.

The saying above makes my heart happy when I think of my own daughter… but when I think of children who don’t have parents like Macy does who think of their job as parent like that… I am reminded that our opportuntity to be foster parents is our opportunity to share LOVE with children for as many moments as we are given… then we trust God that He’ll use the love we shared to help those kids down the road when they are trying to make sense of their life and understand what TRUE LOVE is…
So I’ll ask again… what stops you from embarking on a journey and fostering children in your community? Honestly, is it money? Fear? Time? the Unknown?  TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME! And if you want more info, just let me know!
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