Playing the waiting game


We’ve invested our love & life into two little guys with whom we are getting to know. Currently we have a schedule that has us taking the boys two days per week for the whole day including naps. We mostly stick around the house, play & eat… They have been taking earlier naps at their current foster home but we are trying to push the naps back to right around Macy’s nap… mostly this is important so that when Matt gets home, he can nap too ๐Ÿ™‚ So far we’ve been pretty successful… this is also thanks to their current Foster Mom who has not made naptime a complex thing! They have their cozy blankets and their pacifiers & they lay down- not a peep! Macy on the other hand is full of drama when it comes to naptime… go figure!

A few weeks ago I got together with the boys current Foster Mom & we hashed out the dates… looks like August 29th is MOVE IN DAY for the boys… we’ve been hashing out the details too and I’m trying to gain as much insight into the little things as I can! Good news is, I have no problem asking questions… There are only a few things I haven’t done with them yet this includes bathing… they are used to being bathed in the laundry room sink, and if I had a large laundry room sink I’d stick them in… looks like their first bath tub baths are going to happen here… should be yet another adventure!

Today I have had all three of them with just me… we managed to get out of the car & up the stairs without any issue… getting down the stairs & into the car is another task that will be daunting to do alone… I know there are moms who successfully manage 3 kids but it’s the fact that two of them are toddlers & they aren’t great with going DOWN the stairs. So we managed to get up. We had some play time, lunch, bottles & they went down at noon. Macy & I got a bit of our own time together to make egg salad, play hide & seek, read a book & do some of her Preschool workbooks! Now she is down and I’m PRAYING for at least an hour of silence before the boys are up ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition to the day to day we’re also waiting on a lot of legal things to take place. We’re taking these guys in as Foster children but we’re doing so under the goal of adoption. Our hope was that we would move them in ONLY AFTER their mom’s services had been terminated so that we were sure that the courts were in favor of moving the boys onto adoption too. Due to circumstances outside of our control (We have ZERO control), the trial date keeps getting moved around for one reason or another… talk about frustrating! It’s not clear yet but the boys may be moving in before their mom’s services are terminated officially. This is a scary thing because nothing is for sure until the judge decides so… we can speculate and hope but we can’t be sure. It’s a step of faith but I think keeping the schedule is important… dragging out this “transition” would be more confusing to the boys and would really keep us in limbo longer.

Good news is that we’re able to take off more time when they move in that we originally thought! Matt will be taking 7 weeks off work and I will be taking 4-5 weeks. We’ll be using Paid Family Leave & Vacation. It was such a blessing when we realized we didn’t have to exhaust our vacation time from work to spend 2-3 solid weeks at home… now we only have to use 1 week vacation and the rest Paid Family Leave. We’re especially excited about this because when Macy was born we lived in Baltimore and they don’t have Paid Family Leave in Maryland! This is our first experience with it and Costco actually pays for an additional insurance that allows Matt to receive his full salary during the leave… BLESSINGS FROM ABOVE!

We’re in countdown mode- 10 days until OPERATION MOVE IN commences… happens to be the day after Matt’s 29th birthday! Please continue to pray for us! If you want to help, which we’ve been asked about a few times, we have a registry & meal schedule that will be shared upon request ๐Ÿ™‚