The 2 Week Mark!

Where do I begin?


It’s been 13 days since we started living life as a family of 5. I swear it feels like at least a month!

During the past 2 weeks we’ve been bonding, playing, laughing, learning and singing a lot of toddler songs! Favorite by far is Patty Cake, also in the lineup are Wheels on the Bus and Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes. There is lots of “Peek a Boo” and the “I’m gonna get you” game, which sends them running & giggling in different directions.

The boys are learning how we roll in the Mallon house… we’re learning their likes, dislikes and habits (they are great sleeper!) Some of the things they like are things that we don’t like… ie shaking the baby gates that protect them from falling down the stairs! At first we didn’t know how to handle it, now we know they understand the dreaded game of “time out”. I say dreaded because it’s not just time out for one, it’s time out for two! God forbid Macy decides to get her little sass on in the middle of a twin time out… we’re learning to be consistent with all 3… it takes major talent… i mean PATIENCE!

The norm has become, one starts to do something and the other one goes “Oh hey that sounds fun, I’m going to do that too”…. you know typical twin games 🙂 The good news right now is that Matt & I are both off work so we can handle it. We are trying to develop a schedule that has a good balance of in the house & out of the house play time to break up the day! We’ve gone to bouncyland… they are free and 30 minutes of bouncing is a good thing when bedtime rolls around. We’ve gone to Open Explore at Gymnastics… another fun thing that’s good for them developmentally.

Other ways we’ve spent our time: with family having backyard BBQs & Playtime at Berlas & Aunt Jen’s, at Doctor’s appointments, at the park, multiple trips to Costco & Target and a few late morning to early afternoon stays at their daycare to keep them in the routine of going and to give Macy some good one on one time!

We continue to acknowledge the need to keep Macy’s transition in mind too. Matt & I have also been giving each other some alone time too. Matt’s continued to workout at CrossFit & I’ve been able to sneak away for girl time or to handle some work related things! We feel pretty good about how things are going… we could totally get used to life without work 🙂

With regard to their birth mom’s transition…. they will have a 1 hour visit with their birth mom on their 2nd birthday next week. I’ve set up an email address and a Google Voice phone number in order to text with her because I am trying to keep my information private for safety reasons (at this point).Please continue to pray for us, for her and for our future relationship. I have no desire to do things a certain way because someone suggests it, I have ever desire to listen to what God has to say about this situation and what role we are to play!  Image

Some things we’ve learned over the last 13 days.. and yes some of these sound silly but we’re really learning:

  • Boys are different than girls… different means- messier, louder, dirtier
  • A Suburban will be our next car
  • We need a backyard ASAP
  • Having wine & ice cream every night is ok and considered self care!
  • Two Two Year Olds is a lot of work 🙂
  • Break times are only during naps & bedtime!
  • Having 3 kids makes setting priorities a lot easier!

While we are tired, overwhelmed at times and have a lot on our plate… we’ve been gaining the affection and trust of 2 little miracle boys which brings such perspective to our lives… we’ve been watching them learn and pick up new tricks over the past 2 weeks and it brings us such satisfaction and makes it all worth it. Hearing them say “Mama” and “Dadda” and “Mi Mi” melts our hearts. Watching them learn to communicate with some signs and come to understand the rules of our house is exciting because they are becoming ours little by little!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support… from their former foster parents walking us step by step through this transition, even accompanying me on the first doctors visits and helping me figure out WIC 🙂 to our friends delivering delicious meals that meet all our weird dietary needs, to people buying us gifts and asking how they can help… the answer now is Costco & Target Gift Cards 🙂 We are SO SO SO THANKFUL!

** PLEASE NOTE: For the next few months while the boys are our foster children we will NOT be sharing photos of them. Once they are adopted we will be able to post photos to facebook and the blog**

As always, please continue to ask questions.