A night without kids, Pumpkin picking, Preschool and Hair Cuts!

There has been a lot going on around here… I bet that’s not surprising.

We’ve been having some nice family time, lots of running wild, and keeping a pretty great schedule… up around 7:30/8am, breakfast, play time, lunch, nap 1-3, snack/playtime, dinner, bath, bed by 7:30pm

For one family fun evening we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Gilroy… Matt wasn’t in such a great mood at first because he had just finished dealing with a boy who decided to take his poopie diaper off during his nap and consume some of his poop…. SICK!

Boys are Gross 🙂

I took some fun photos of my THREE kids… I really want to share them… I actually uploaded one of all 3 of them on a huge pumpkin but I deleted it because I came to my senses… I don’t want to accidentally put our safety in jeopardy because I didn’t have the patience to not post a photo of the boys faces on my blog. December can’t come fast enough, not only will we be one step closer to adopting the boys… but we’ll be able to make many more decisions that right now require an “OK” by the social worker. Image

The boys ran crazy and Macy was very helpful, running off to grab them and help! She likes the role of “big sister” a little too much, sometimes I hear her saying the same things I say to them “Hey! No! Do you want to go to timeout”… Again, I have a hilarious photo of Macy holding “I” by the hand and bringing him back to us, he has a look on his face like “Dang it I got caught!”

I’m really not a huge fan of Halloween… I have a self control problem when it comes to sugar so having “fun size” pieces of goodness hanging around is never good… plus the older kids dressed up in scary costumes scares Macy and I assume the littles will not like it very much either… The things I do like are the pumpkins, fall colors, the cooler weather and my girl dressed up as Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog and my boys as Frog Princes 🙂 Matt thinks it’s not nice to dress the boys as Macy’s accessories but I think it’s cute to have them all coordinating. Image

A few weeks ago we shipped all 3 kids out for the first full night out in a long time! We went to Alissa & Eric’s beautiful wedding at Clos la Chance in San Martin. It was so beautiful and they are such a good looking and amazing pair. It was an amazing party with so many beautiful details! We had a ton of fun hanging with some Journey folks, including Jeff & Heidi 🙂 There was great wine, yummy & creative dinner and a dessert bar. There wasn’t room in my tummy for cake because the dessert bar was visited a few times! We had a lot of fun and we were able to have a night to ourselves, sleep in and wake up & go to church without the kiddos. It was a treat!!!

The boys stayed with their former foster mom overnight and it was a win/win for both of us! We are so blessed to have her for the support, love of the boys and the willingness to help. God set this up and their former foster family is one way I feel confirmed of that fact. Macy got to have a day and night at the beach with Ray & Popo. She was amazed that she got to go all by herself!


Macy started Preschool on Monday!

I didn’t cry and neither did she 🙂

She had one morning earlier last week where she went to the class, while Matt sat in the corner, and she participated in their story time/circle time type activities. Macy shared her name and her brothers names. On her first day we grabbed her backpack that had her naptime stuff in it and her lunch box. I know there are plenty of cute Pinterest ideas for “first day of school” photos, but I pulling the “New mom of 3 on Jury Duty” card 🙂 A simple sign must do… maybe for kindergarten she will have a cuter sign! She took some cute standard smile photos but this just shows you some of her personality… she took a few photos in different poses. What a crack up!

Of course I went to take photos with my big girl camera and the battery was dead… of course it was! I let it go and took a few with my phone… bummer the quality sucks!

She had a smooth first day of school. I called at lunch time and the Director said she was acting like she’d been there forever. She fit in well. When I picked her up she was playing outside with some of the other kids. I bet she loved that she was playing on the other side of the fence that she’s used to passing and asking when she can go to school there. I think this whole preschool thing is going to be a good thing for all of us! Image

I don’t have any photos of the boys haircut that don’t show their faces… but let me tell you… they went from being scruffy looking little boys to very handsome heart breaker boys. I put a little of Matt’s hair glue in the tips of the front parts and they melt my heart a little more 🙂 Their former foster mom did not cut their hair short because the birth mom, or “First mom” as we may start calling her, wanted it long. I made a decision to go short and then apologize if needed. They have their October visit with her on Thursday…

Continued prayers for our family are much appreciated!

Matt went back to work on Monday and I ended jury duty and am now back to work too. It’s going to be another adjustment to handle three kids schedules plus our own! Our mom’s are back on duty and they are adjusting to their new responsibilities too.

Thanks for your continued support, for your check in’s, for your emails with blogs we might like, for your words of encouragement and your prayers. Keep ’em coming!


The Mallons