Overdue Update

Wow it’s been too long since I’ve taken the time to sit down to give you an update on our crazy family… maybe that’s because things are a total whirlwind  The rush of life is overwhelming at times… I’m thankful for our family’s support and that our friends understand why we’ve fallen off the face of the earth.

The Twins

Have you ever tried to take 2 TWO YEAR BOYS OLDS ANYWHERE?? It’s really not a equation that leaves you relaxed 🙂 To take our 3 kids anywhere we either need two adults MINIMUM. Even when there are multiple sets of eyes on them, Macy included because she is helpful, they still manage to get into something the moment we turn away for a second. While this can be comical at times, it’s exhausting too. With the weather being wet and cold we’ve been cooped up inside and we all go a little nuts. I spend Saturdays and lately Sundays, with all 3 by myself. Honestly it’s not always a good time… The boys are too young for art projects (Oh dear all I can think is MESSSSS) and really just need to run, jump, climb and knock things over. We’ve adjusted the rules in the house and we have plenty of jumping off the ottoman to the couch, pillow fights, building forts, stacking blocks and knocking the over… but sometimes they just need to run outside… thus we’re in search of a new home for our new larger family.

Twins (1 of 1)-25 Twins (1 of 1)-27

God truly blessed us when he helped us get our home two years ago. We bought at the very very bottom of the market and things skyrocketed. The equity in our home (more than we ever imagined) allowed us to refinance out of our first time home-buyer loan and will allow us to buy a larger home without too much trouble… the struggle comes with the need to put in a contingent offer that we sell our home before we officially purchase the next one… the current market around here is moving so quick and home are having 7-15 offers… ours would surely end up being dismissed over an all cash offer or someone who has the money in hand. We know this desire of our heart will be fulfilled in time, but patience is not something I have a lot of these days :/

Pumpkin Patch (1 of 1)-3 Pumpkin Patch (1 of 1)-6

I get many questions about how Macy is adjusting. She is doing well. She has moments where she’ll say “Can we take them back and get two girls instead” and then she’ll have another moment where I’ve found special time for just Macy and the boys are with their former foster mom and she says “Why can’t the boys come? I like them”. She is now called “MiMi” and “Sister” and she is filling her new role as Big Sis very well. She does love the special time when we put the boys to bed and watch a movie together just the 3 of us. She gets two days/week with Berla too while the boys go to “school”.

Pumpkin Patch (1 of 1)-7

Macy Starts Preschool

In other news, Macy started preschool a few months ago. She had been asking for the longest time to go to school. In all honesty, I was not ready! I was also very nervous about the concept of her sleeping on a cot in a room with a bunch of other 3/4 year olds. I was right about that for sure… on the two days each week that she goes to school she ends up going to bed at 7:30 or earlier. Naptime at school is right after lunch, naptime at home is around 2pm… no wonder!

She’s been doing great. She found a teacher that she runs to each morning and is helping with the good bye transition. She comes home and tells me about the ways she helped the teacher or was the line leader! She is learning the reality of rules and how some kids don’t follow the rules and it can impact her. Some of the girls were particularly mean to Macy and they were doing things that really bothered her. She explained that the rules are to keep your hands to yourself but they weren’t doing that. She didn’t understand why they weren’t following the rules. It was the first (of many I know) time that I wanted to go lay the smack down… I kept my composure and talked with the teacher. Home-school anyone??


It is much easier to say we adopted twins because saying we are fostering twins with plans to adopt them is much more confusing to most. However, the latter is true. We are in the process of waiting to adopt the boys… which comes with a whole host of frustrations. We do not currently have many rights that normal parents do, the boys have to continue visiting with their birth mom, and we have to wait through the legal process of parental rights termination.

hair cuts (1 of 1)-5This past Thursday, Dec 20th, was “the day”, or so we thought. The termination of parental rights hearing was to take place. We anticipate that the birth mom will appeal the courts decision to terminate her rights, but

 we were hoping the first step of a ruling would take place… instead, the birth father’s attorney claimed he was given no proper notice of the hearing so it was immediately postponed for 60 days to given proper notice. ANOTHER TWO MONTHS of waiting… waiting for the initial termination hearing… then when the Judge terminates Birth Mom’s rights, she’ll appeal and we’ll wait another 60 days for a TRIAL. So we’re looking at 4 months until parental rights are terminated and the boys become adoptable.

hair cuts (1 of 1)-6

Once the boys are adoptable we will have a few more steps before things are finalized. They won’t become Mallons until next year sometime, likely late next year. While it’s frustrating, it’s the process we must walk through. It doesn’t change our day to day life at all. It does add things to our schedule, like visits, and social workers, but we’re going with the flow for the most part.

First Colds

We survived our first experience with 3 kids having colds… well sharing colds. It started with Macy, I’m sure she picked it up at school. She battled it well, got into the routine of turning on the humidifier every night, the cough sounded worse than it was, and she eventually passed it onto “A”. His battle was the most difficult because he has a medical condition from prematurity that makes colds kinda scary. We had to start nebulizer treatments on day 2 of the cold and it really did help. Problem with “A” is that he doesn’t like Tylenol so he would spit it out. MADE ME NUTS. Macy happily takes medicine so this was an unfamiliar battle. Poor “A” also has very sensitive skin so every wipe of the nose caused the whole bottom portion of his face to be BRIGHT RED. “I” got the cold next and probably the lightest case of them all. Maybe that is because he enjoys blowing snot rockets. He cleared the cold quickly because there was no waiting for sneezes or coughs to get it out 🙂 This was a part of the sickness that grossed me out the most. THE SNOT!!!!!!!!!!! Matt and I were saved from this cold/cough combo. Our family was not so lucky, both grandmas, cousins, and aunts all caught the nasty cold/cough. YUCK and sorry everyone 😦

We just finished our second cold, which did not include a cough. No breathing concerns to worry about, just SNOT 🙂 This one hit both Me and Matt!!!!!!!!!!! It hit hard for about 24 hours and then slowly passed. I’m almost done with it. Glad to say it didn’t impact the kids as much as it did the parents. We both agreed that sickness adds a layer of stress that we really don’t need at this point 🙂 Here hoping and praying for a healthy rest of the winter (wishful thinking).

Up Next: Cookie Parties… continuing a tradition as Macy turns 4.